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10 Philosophies For A Hustler, Problem Solver And Tech Enthusiast Working In Accounts

    1. Don't be afraid to make a mistake

    In order to learn, you have to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. If you are afraid of making a mistake, then you won't try anything new and you will stagnate.

    2. Listen more than you speak

    You can always learn from other people's experiences. Listen to them and don't interrupt them. You will learn something every day if you just listen.

    3. The 80/20 rule

    There are always 20% of the people who do 80% of the work (or more). Figure out which 20% of the people or tasks will help you get ahead and focus on them. Ignore the rest.

    4. Never say "I can't". Say "How can I?"

    When someone asks me, "Can you do this for me?" I always say, "I don't know." Because I never know until I try it first. But then I figure it out if I think it's worth my time or not. But saying "I can't" is lazy and makes excuses for not trying at all. Always try first, then let others decide if they want your solution or not. Never say "I can't" because that means never trying in the first place. Always try first! How can I? is always the next question after that one.

    5. Be honest with yourself and others

    Being honest with yourself means being brutally honest with yourself about your weaknesses as well as your strengths so that you can improve on both of them constantly. Being honest with others means telling the truth even when it's uncomfortable or painful sometimes but doing so in a way that is respectful and empathetic (if there is emotion involved). Always tell the truth but do so in a way where people feel good afterwards about themselves and about their relationship with you even though they just heard bad news from you (if there is bad news). This takes practice but over time it becomes easier and easier to do this as long as you are consistent about it all the time . This has helped me build better relationships with everyone around me including family, friends, co-workers, business partners, etc.. And honestly has made my life better since I am less stressed out by worrying about what other people think about me all the time since now they know exactly what's going on (even if they don't like it) and we move forward in a healthy manner instead of hiding things from each other which leads to stress down the road anyway once those things come out eventually anyway in unhealthy ways . One thing that has also helped me develop this skill set is reading books by Stephen R Covey , especially his book called "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People". This book changed my life when I read it 25 years ago when I was 25 years old (hence why i remember the age)and re-reading parts of it again recently has reminded me how much wisdom he shares in that book which translates directly into how we should live our lives every day .

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