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Advantages of the US medical system

The US health system is somewhat unique from the rest of the world.

In some ways it is better and in some ways it is worse. This list is about how our current system is better than others.

    1. More drugs

    Because the US health system is profit based, there are more companies here developing more/different kinds of drugs. There is more profit motive in the US than anywhere else.

    2. More options

    This can be a plus and a minus.

    Since healthcare is a business there are a larger variety of clinics, hospitals, labs etc. where you might be able to find help. Because there are more options you may also be able to find one closer to where you live.

    3. Lower wait times - hopefully

    In normal times, not Covid times, a patient could leave one facility and find another facility with lower weight times.

    More options means that medical facilities/organizations may need to be more competitive to get more business.

    4. Technology

    Silicon valley is definitely working in the medical field. Tools, tech, robots, software are all being used in medicine now. America uses more medical tech than any other country

    5. Regulation

    Again this is good and bad.

    But medical professionals in the US have to go through a lot of education to work in their field. Hopefully, all of that training makes them a better professional.

    6. Jobs

    Because the US only has a partial socialized medical system there are a lot of jobs in the medical field that pay a lot of money. The medical sector of the economy is really many subsectors that are interconnected:

    A few subsectors:
    - Insurance
    - Technology
    - Construction/Infrastructure
    - Universities
    - Healthcare professionals


    7. Quality

    This may depend on your location. But because of the medical standards put in place, healthcare quality is pretty high

    8. Supplies

    America is a wealthy nation and hospitals have pretty much everything a human needs and more to survive and thrive.

    It takes a lot of stuff to run a medical facility and America has a robust supply chain to fulfill the needs of a nationwide medical industry.

    9. Education/research

    America has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. Universities along with companies continue to study the human body and innovate/improve the process.

    10. Choice

    The US has freedom of medical choice.

    You can choose not to be saved. You can choose to receive blood or not receive blood. You can choose you doctor, facility etc.

    No one is going to force you to be vaccinated. Like some other countries...

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