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Adversities of everyday life that should not be taken so seriously


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    1. People suck

    Everyone carries problems with them. Some people are particularly obnoxious. That's essentially their problem, not ours. This also applies to betrayal and meanness.

    2. Sometimes you don't feel like doing what you should be doing

    Do it anyway. Or move it to another time. Maybe positive thinking will help. Maybe not. Or you can find a way not to have to do this thing anymore. It's normal to find out that you don't like certain tasks. It's a normal part of life.

    3. Physical ailments

    In the long run, our body behaves like a used car: over time, it becomes vulnerable to repairs. Giving it the care it needs is all we can do. Despite pain and annoying illnesses, our body is an endless source of joy. I don't even want to mention sex here. We can only enjoy good food, massages, a hot shower and music because we have a body.

    4. Murphy's Law

    Anything that can break or not work properly will eventually. Slow internet, traffic jams on the roads, power outages and storms that knock trees down on our house are normal.

    5. Politics

    People's susceptibility to corruption and narcissism, as well as their incompetence, are particularly evident in politics. The media likes to report about it. These states have been constants of human existence since Neolithic humans began to delineate different areas of responsibility.

    6. You suck too!

    We all make stupid mistakes and are petty and mean at times.

    7. Disasters

    Perhaps leaving the car at home really helps to prevent global warming. However, disasters are part of life. Sometimes countermeasures prevent them from happening. Sometimes you just die.

    8. Bills

    Take a deep breath and pay them, or find a way not to pay them.

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