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Advice I would give to my 18-year-old self

    1. Heads up - the world will change in your favor

    2. Something like the internet will be invented

    where you will be able to learn everything you want to learn for free and connect to the smartest people in the world

    3. Don't let your family steel your money

    family situation might look bad, but that is exactly why you need that money to head out

    4. Berlin is a fucked up place now

    but will be changing to one of the best places to live in the near future

    5. Your love is your love

    nourish yourself with it

    6. Don't wait until others are ready

    it might be they never are. You feel the vibe? Go for it - create.

    7. Yes shit happened

    it is actually getting better from here on

    8. Yes you are very intelligent, beautiful and unique

    there might be just a little bit of gender bias in the air when people are out there to have you become school teacher

    9. You are very blessed

    with the times and country you are born in

    10. Choose something that is passionate in your heart

    and practice it every day

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