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Advice on asking a girl out on a date.

N.B. I am actually terrible at this stuff, but I did a fair bit of research when I was single, and I guess I have an opinion or two.

    1. No is the second best answer

    While you do want to get that date, a "No" means she respects you enough to be honest and truthful with you and trusts you not to react badly/immaturely. She doesn't want you to waste your time. Between "Yes" and "No" there's a whole bunch of prevaricating (e.g diverting to a group environment, counter-offering to something more platonic like coffee, or stalling) that can leave you in limbo.

    2. Have a specific Plan

    "There's a great sushi place I found, would you like to join me for dinner there Thursday night?" vs. "You wanna hang out sometime?". Specific details allow her to visualize what she's getting into, and you show that you can make an effort and commit to an idea.

    3. Have a Plan B

    If, for example, she hates sushi. Have an alternate venue, or alternate night at the ready.

    4. Never A Saturday

    Single people are busy on Saturdays (or they pretend to be). It's the least likely day for someone to be free for a date.

    5. Non traditional dates

    I don't think it's worth the risk of being too wacky, but a walk in the park or a tandem workout can be fun, and make her feel safer (a public place). My running buddy from training for my first half-marathon is now my wife.

    6. Do your best to make it clear it's a date

    Friendships are fine, but if your goal is a romantic relationship, friendship stuff is a waste of time. So it should be one-on-one, and something you'd do with a girlfriend.

    7. There are many fish in the sea. Remember it. Act Like it.

    It can feel like every potential date is your final shot at not being alone, but this doesn't help with nerves and confidence. Ultimately, when you're that nervous and pressured, it makes your chances of success much slimmer.

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