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Nicola Fisher


Advice on asking a girl out on a date.

For @jay_yow07

    1. Choose a common interest

    Find something (event, place) involving a common interest and share it with her. See how she responds. If it's positive, suggest going together.

    2. Talk on the phone

    If you've got a lot in common, talking on the phone is a good way to confirm this. Then, you're likely to have an opportunity to suggest something to do that might appeal to her.

    3. Be yourself

    When I met my husband, I wasn't thinking of a relationship at all. We were just ourselves. We clicked too and had lots in common. We were both happy in our own skins. I think that made a difference. It was all easy and flowed.

    4. Focus on now, not the future

    Have fun, enjoy the moment. Don't worry about any outcomes. Just be present.

    5. Don't overthink it

    Think of where you might like to meet this girl or where you might like to take her.

    6. Go with your gut

    What does your gut tell you? Are you on the same wavelength? Was there a spark? Chances are she felt the same.

    7. Faint heart never won fair lady

    Be bold. Don't let an opportunity slip through your fingers. It might go nowhere. She might not be the one. Or she might be. Whatever the outcome, at least you'll know you asked. No regrets.

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