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Advice on asking a girl out on a date.

A lot has been said already. This is purely from experience and mistakes. Many mistakes :)

    1. Be excited about her

    You certainly do not know her, and you genuinely want to. Be subtle, but observe and notice the details. Appreciate her smile, compliment her on her hands or nail color.

    Always see the good, the beauty in her.

    I know some guys that are wired to see the negative. It tells more about their insecurities than about her beautiful imperfection.

    Enjoy being there.

    2. Just ask her out nicely

    Tell her something that you missed about her when you first met or saw her. It is cheesy, but if it is true, it is nice. And ask her for dinner. Even brunch works. She will not if you do not put yourself in the friend zone. You can be in the most extravagant dining and still make the mistake. So it is all about how you make her feel.

    3. Understand that getting to know her is a privilege

    Do not take it for granted. If she smiled or gave you any sign, she may be interested. But understand that you are lucky. Do not take it for granted.

    4. Make her feel comfortable

    Observe and learn. If your date feels reserved or not open yet, tell her that you know how it feels. Make her laugh. Laughing makes people feel closer.

    5. Do not assume

    Just because you have met or known many ladies doesn’t mean you KNOW women. You do NOT. Every person is different.

    Be genuinely curious but not too curious to make her feel uncomfortable. Be subtle.

    6. Be funny

    Tell her about the time you got lost in Bangkok. Maybe link it to some scene from Hangover 2.

    You can show you are interesting and may impress a bit, but you want to make her laugh.

    7. Listen carefully and be there

    You can know a lot about the person by just listening. Ask questions to show that you are really listening. If she says names, repeat those names when asking. It shows you are listening.

    8. Be mysterious, a bit

    Do NOT talk too much about yourself. Do not make it about yourself. It is about her. And leave things for another date.

    9. Be creative

    The second date, hmm, not another dinner. Maybe a gallery, if she likes art.

    Something between a nice dinner and skydiving.

    10. Be there, do not check your mobile

    If you had to, ask for permission, otherwise leave the phone

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