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Advice on finding the best job

    1. Build your LinkedIn profile

    It takes a long time but works. I got headhunted for a very good job when I wasn't even looking for it.

    2. Don't be a dick

    The people you help/ bond with/ become friends with along the way may well be the ones who help you when you need it.

    3. Don't work with assholes

    The best jobs I've ever had were the ones I had fun in. And it's the people you work with that make it.

    Of course, you can never 100% guarantee an awesome team but you can increase your chances as much as possible. Research the company, department, team, and role you want to apply for.

    Speak to people who worked there and ask why they left. Look on LinkedIn and check how long people stay there - if you see loads of employees who've worked there for years or even decades, chances are they are happy. If they churn like mad and only stay for a few months - probably best to stay clear.

    4. Explore roles outside of your expertise in your current workplace

    If you're interested in a role you don't have much experience in, see if your current company has such positions and go and speak to that team. I changed careers and moved from marketing to online production by doing that.

    5. Shadow people

    Start with your team or extended team. See what they do. Who knows - you may actually discover something new.

    6. Rummage on Glassdoor

    Look at the top 50 companies to work for and see what role they are currently recruiting for.

    7. Think of companies you personally like. And then check if they are recruiting.

    This could be a product or service that you love or an industry you're interested in.

    8. If they're not recruiting - email them anyway

    Say what you can do for them and ask to contact you if a suitable role comes up.

    9. Have fun living your life

    The best opportunities often come when we're having fun. Try new things, meet new people, see where it takes you.

    10. Reach out to your network

    See what your former colleagues and acquaintances are up to these days. Wherever they are now, they might need your expertise.

    11. Learn about the topic that interests you

    If you want to become a Scrum Master but never worked in tech, learn about it in your spare time. Read books, watch Youtube videos, get certified, speak to people who work in tech. I know someone who got into tech by doing this in their spare time.

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