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Affirmations for tonight (Follow Up)

I wanted to test out affirmations that didn't take years to manifest. So how many of them came to pass?

    1. Romantic Kiss

    Sadly this didn't come to pass. If we got time alone i'm sure it would have, but it was a busy wee night. No worries theres always tonight.

    2. Find Money

    My dad ended up showing up and bought me a few drinks. I guess this counts.

    3. Feel Great Going To Bed

    Despite a lot of bad things happening overall i had a lot of fun. I'd say this came to pass.

    4. New Song

    I sang Dammit by Blink 182. I think i did a pretty good job at it.

    5. Msg People

    I replied to people rather than msg new people. I don't think i annoyed anyone with that, so i'd consider this one a win as well.

    6. Sell Clothing

    I didn't sell any, but People love my shoes and i had a lot of intrest about my site, so hopefully this will result in more sales soon.

    7. Good Sleep

    I had a great sleep. Don't think i'll drink tonight though, had a little too much over the last few days.

    8. New Friends

    I talked to a lot of old friends again. Not new, but was nice having a catch up with people i haven't seen in a while. This didn't technically work, but i'm not complaining it was nice seeing old friends again.

    9. Happy

    I was definitely happy.

    10. Final Thoughts

    These where all pretty simple things, maybe i should test out more obscure affirmations and see how things play out. It did help tune my mind into being more positive and seeking these things out, i think that's the key. Figuring out what you want to focus on.

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