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Affordable vacations

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have an amazing vacation.

    1. Of course the Staycation

    Treat this like a real vacation. Do all the things you never really do in your hometown.

    The zoo

    The beach/lake

    The museums

    Hiking/biking around town

    Try new restaurants

    Make each day a new adventure

    2. Drive to a neighboring city/town

    I live in Dallas and always each year I do a weekend in Austin.

    Go somewhere close by, but far enough away that you are getting out of your regular area.

    3. Las Vegas

    Lots of flights to and from Vegas.

    There are lots of places you can stay on a budget and then just visit all the nice hotels/restaurants/shows.

    Vegas has a ton of different things to do.

    Or you can just visit all the different spaces.

    Also I always go to Lake Mead when I am visiting Vegas.

    4. Florida

    Disney, Miami, Key West, Destin

    There are tons of places to in Florida where you can visit without spending a fortune.

    5. The National Parks

    I have never been disappointed by a National Park.

    I think I want to rent an RV and drive to all of the US National Parks that I can.

    6. Camping near a lake

    I have never been camping before. But it seems like an affordable way to take time off and go be out in nature. If you camp near a lake you can also go swimming.

    7. Road trip

    America has a great national highway system to drive from one side of the country to the other.

    8. Mexico - Central America

    They want tourists visiting them.

    You can do an all inclusive or find a really cute Airbnb to stay in.

    9. Cruise

    This is another affordable option. Cruise lines are always offering affordable package options to take advantage of.

    10. Southeast Asia

    The plane ticket from America might be a bit pricier, but Southeast Asia is known for having great beaches and being more affordable than Europe or China.

    11. Use travel points to reduce your costs

    Air and hotel points can really reduce the cost of a vacation.

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