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AI inspired businesses

I've seen @paolo tout the AI cookbook, and it made me wonder what else people would pay money to try if it was generated by AI

    1. AI Chef Restaurant

    Much like the cookbook, all the food would come from recipes generated by AI. Bonus points if robots serve or prepare the food. Maybe you could request your own combinations like 'Pizza Soup' or something.

    2. AI Musical Mashup Jukebox

    I posted a "Musical Genre Mashups I Want To See" list. The AI could do these ("play me some Zydeco Blues Rap") - AI has already been used to create the ultimate Christmas song...

    3. AI Movie Jukebox

    This might take more time to generate, but if you told the AI to make you a comedy about pirates and ninjas, you would probably end up with something that might (or might not be) entertaining to you personally, but not worth marketing and distributing to a wider audience, but you never know...

    4. DALL-E style art on T-shirts

    Imagine a vending machine running DALL-E or another such AI. You program your words to inspire the art, it comes up on a screen, and if you like it, hit "Print" and it gets silk-screened (or ink jetted, or whatever) onto a t-shirt.

    5. AI Perfume

    Rather than images, this AI mixes scents according to parameter words like 'woodsy', 'ocean', 'ylang ylang', 'vanilla', 'lavender' etc.

    6. AI ESP Betting Game

    Do you remember that scene in Ghostbusters where Venkman (played by Bill Murray) is running an experiment in ESP where patients have to guess what card he is holding up (from a set of 6 or so, not playing cards)? Imagine playing that against an AI and betting on the outcome. The AI might learn your patterns and preferences and the odds of the AI guessing your card would change accordingly.

    7. Custom Coat of Arms

    A refinement of DALL-E style AI, where you tell it what things are important to your family and you get a coat of arms that reflects those values.

    8. Bot to deal with annoying relatives/friends

    If you've been inundated with small talk text messages on a busy work-day, it might be good if you could foist the simple exchanges to a virtual assistant who will agree with Aunt Linda or whoever while you stay focused on your tasks.

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