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AI will allow our loved ones to live forever

    1. Messenger

    With enough input ai could answer a question similar to how we would (take ai James). Feed it our online persona /messages and you could get a chat bot that responds the same as your deceased loved one. 

    2. Siri

    Now we add in all the audio of that person. Mix that with the previous idea and we have AI that not only answers like them, but sounds like them whilst answering. 

    3. Deepfake

    Feed it images and mix with the rest and you have AI that can visually talk back to you. You could also recreate old memories and new ones by feeding it new info.

    Recreate the time when we went to Pizza Hut together in 1999.  I was wearing my blue pokemon hoody and you where wearing your flame shirt and a bandana. 

    We can already get pictures. In time we'll be getting videos of our memories. 

    4. 3D Models

    I don't know if we're there yet, but it's just a matter of time. Scan images /videos to build an AI 3D model of them. Add a rig (skeleton) and they can then move. Add in their mannerisms and you're loved one is essentially still alive, trapped in your computer. 

    5. Augmented reality

    Mixing the real world with the computer generated one. Through the right lens you can see both. You now can put on magic glasses and have your loved one on the couch next to you. Talking away as you both watch TV. Take them off and they dissappear. 

    6. Robots

    This is a lot further down the line. Add the 3D model data to a robot and suddenly you have a physical copy of your love one. 

    7. Will I live forever?

    Yes... And no. Our own sense of self will still die, but others sense of us will live on (provide we leave enough content for that to happen).

    So what should we do? Make content. Make videos of you talking your usual gibberish. That's the you your loved ones love. Write diaries so ai can understand how you think. Take lots of photos so the 3D Models can be as accurate as possible. The more you put in the more accurate it will be. 

    And if you hope to continue interacting with loved ones after they pass, make sure they do the same. 

    Or... Allow them to pass.  Appreciate that our time together is short. Make every moment count and hold onto your memories dearly, until your last breath. Are we ment to live forever? 

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