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Air Travel Accessories that Could Be Improved

    1. Inflatable Neck Pillow

    These exist, but as far as I know, you have to inflate them with your own breath. Build in a motor to inflate it in a hurry and make it easy to fold and collapse.

    2. Re-useable clear plastic bags

    Fluids that are in carry-on need to be in clear plastic bags for easy identification. If these bags were part of the carry on bag and easily integrated/removed it would speed up the screening.

    3. Non-metal belt buckles

    Go through metal detectors without having to hold your pants up by hand.

    4. Lanyard for phone (or mobile device) case

    I often hear warnings on planes about people losing their phones in/under the seats and needing flight attendant assistance to retrieve them. A tether (maybe around your wrist or something) might prevent that.

    5. Modular/Collapsible Carry-On Luggage

    Convert from the largest allowable piece to a portion that will fit under the seat, and a portion for the overhead cabin. The former has stuff you want to access regularly during takeoff. Side pouches could even be removed to stick into jacket pockets.

    6. Combination Neck Pillow, Face Mask, Ear Plugs, Blanket

    Everything you need for a nap.

    7. Motion Sickness Bags with a Foolproof mouth seal

    I don't want to have to draw a picture, let's just make sure the sick stays where it should.

    8. Personal heating/cooling/ventilation

    Those overhead fan nozzles are usually inadequate. You're often too hot or too cold on the plane. Maybe something like those glove warmers for heat, and something that is endothermic for when you need to cool off.

    9. Luggage With a Built in Packing List and Legend

    Write your most common travel items on a card. Each item (let's say a maximum of 10) is assigned a colour. There are 10 coloured toggle switches on the outside of the bag that indicate in/out. You can tell what you packed (or forgot) with but a glance.

    10. Collapsible sippy cup/travel mug

    Expands to be big enough to hold as much drink as you want, and you don't have to hang on to the can/container. It has a lid to prevent spills. When you're done, it collapses again and you can put it away and put up your tray table without waiting for the flight attendant.

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