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AirBnB Central Park Walking Tour - Reflections

I went on a walking tour today of Central Park with the intention of doing some research on hosting an AirBnB experience. The host was terrific - knowledgeable, kind and engaging. He was willing to share with me his experience with getting on AirBnB's platform - it took two weeks after his detailed application to get approval. Then, he got some friends and family to leave positive reviews to get the ball rolling. On a busy day, when there are a lot of people in the city, you can make a pretty good hourly rate if you get multiple people to sign up.

    1. AirBnB Experiences in Major Cities = Great opportunities to meet interesting people.

    You're bound to meet interesting people from all walks of life. On my tour, I met a family visiting from Kenya and they asked for my contact information after the tour. They insisted that I come visit them in Nairobi one day.


    2. Walking Tours = Anyone can do them

    You just need to be personable, be able to speak in front of others, and do some research. I don't think you need to live in a place for a lifetime in order to be able to speak about it. Our tour guide was originally from Texas but moved here ten years ago and works as a fulltime actor. He said doing tours through Airbnb is a terrific part time side hustle.


    3. It was HOT

    I stopped at multiple water fountains. My friends from Nairobi were hesitant to drink from a public water fountain, but the tour guide reassured them that the public drinking water in NYC is some of the safest drinking water in the world.


    4. There were some terrific performers

    Harmonica players, guitar players, break dancers, a guy charging money to take pictures with his snake, you name it.


    5. E-Scooters were everywhere

    6. The ice rink was turned into a rollerskating rink

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