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Alchemy Book - Takeaways (Part 3)

One of my favourite books. Highly recomme



    1. Attention

    Adding a g the nature of our attention affects the nature of our experience.eographical location or topographical adjective to food will allow you to increase the price and sell more.

    Adjectives that have no precise definition, such as 'succulent' can raise the popularity of items.

    A label directs a persons attention towards a future in a dish, and hence helps bring out certain flavours and textures.

    never forget this: The nature of our attention affects the nature of our experience..

    Advertising works on directing our attention to more favourable aspects and in turn enhancing our enjoyment.

    2. Norms

    creating a name for a behaviour simplicity creates a norm for it.

    create a name, and you've created a norm.

    * Scott Adams did this with his book 'Loserthink'. Thinking like this doesn't mean you're a loser, but losers think like this, so you should change your thinking if you want to appear smart.

    3. One Thing

    We naturally assume that a thing that only does one thing, does it better than another thing that does many things.

    We find it easier to buy things that only serve a single purpose.

    4. Signalling

    Many things make no logical sense until you consider what they mean rather than what they are.

    Fancy jacket does the same logical job as a cheep one, but it's meaning is 'I have lots of money. Enough to waste it on showing off with this jacket'.

    It takes far longer to gain a reputation, than to lose one.

    We have evolved to invest more significance in unusual, surprising or unexpected stimuli and signals than to routine, everyday 'noise'.

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