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Alone - The Beast (The only market research you need)

I love survival shows because of the creativity exhibited and a host of other reasons. I came up with a few ideas that I'd like to share with you. (a lot of metaphors) Making the invisible, visible.

    1. Women redefine what's possible.

    Women are mentally tough and resilient.

    It's attractive to see a woman who's not afraid of dirty hands.

    2. Fire is your friend.

    Fire keeps the Apex predators away.

    Fire is necessary for food preparation.

    Fire purifies water.

    Fire keeps you warm.

    You need that fire in your belly.

    3. Leave egos at the door.

    Large egos in nature are not a good fit.

    Nature humbles.

    4. Calories Spent.

    In nature (especially survival shows) you become quite adept at monitoring how many calories you're burning.

    You can't be all willy-nilly with your calorie burning.

    The juice has got to be worth the squeeze.

    What's the payoff?

    What are you getting in return?

    Can I justify this expense where it makes sense?

    5. Be a traveler. Not a tourist.

    Become intimately familiar with your surroundings.

    Who's around you? Poke...

    Who might you be?

    Know your environment.

    What's unique to this environment?

    Is this healthy for me?

    6. Why do some people find refuge while others feel trapped?

    The shelter is paramount.

    Shelter yourself from things that make you feel trapped.

    Torrential rains are coming - prepare.

    Dig that well before you need it.

    7. I exist in the future that you want.


    Can you change on a dime?

    Can you GPS-It? Where are you now & Where do you want to go?

    No knife? Make one.

    No water? Build your makeshift trough.

    No shoes? Make Mukluks

    8. Wish for it, wish for it, wish for it.


    9. It's tougher without tools.

    Without the proper tools, you suffer needlessly.

    Cutting with the sharp edge of rock can't replace the experience of cutting with a knife.

    10. You will be tested.

    Everything that you want is just on the other side of your comfort zone.

    Nature forces you to go deeper.

    There's nowhere to are both naked and afraid.

    Expect to have to use what you learned.

    Everybody loves the theory but few are willing to do the lab work.

    11. Time is of the essence.

    Start a fire - now.

    Preserve the animal - right now.

    Build a shelter - right now.

    Stop the bad behavior - right now.

    12. Prepare your mind.

    Once your mental toughness starts to atrophy the game is over.

    The mind drives everything.

    The way you think is the way you perform.

    It's all in your head.

    13. Use all parts.

    Pay respect to the animal who's life was taken by using every part.

    Let good thoughts occupy the recesses of your mind.

    What would happen if you used all parts of your mind for good?

    14. Living with meaning.

    You learn to have an appreciation for the small things in life.

    A mouse roasted over an open flame tastes just like chicken.

    I wish that you could be stripped of all your material possessions - just for a while - I bet you would never look at your bed the same again.

    Supermarkets take on a whole new meaning.

    15. Keep going.

    What better choice do you have? Surrender

    16. You think you know what a swamp is until you're in a real swamp.

    Nature has a way of humbling you.

    Our egos become so humungous and inflated that nature has to metaphorically slap us in the face to bring us back to reality.

    It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

    17. 24-hours take on a different meaning.

    Time is spent wisely.

    This is no place to lollygag.

    Work is meaningful.

    Sleep is meaningful.

    18. Single resource.

    If a single resource is good, it renders other resources unnecessary.

    If something is lacking - you always need more.

    One (Strength - God - Love - Patience - Wisdom) is all you need.

    19. Fat is good.

    Fat is good but not just any old fat. Omega 3-fatty acids.

    Having the right mind food is living the happy dream.

    As above - so below.

    20. Cut-off the head.

    The venom is in the head.

    Watch out for that cottonmouth.

    Extracting the venom may be far less painful than actually cutting off your head.

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