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Am I a Maker?

Lately, I've had a strong desire to be a "maker". No good reasons. Just a vague feeling. So for my next series of experiments, I'm going to see if I can tap into my artistic or "crafty" side. Even though I've never shown any great aptitude in these areas before. So, if I'm going to be a Maker, what shall I make?

I look forward to reading other's suggestions in the comments below. 

Am I a Maker?

    1. Writing

    I've always enjoyed the idea of being a writer. I've even taken a few half hearted baby steps in that direction. But I've always fallen flat after only a step or two. Time to take bigger strides.

    2. Candle making

    A couple years ago I got the idea to make my family some candles for Christmas. I bought enough supplies to get started. Didn't get done (or even started) by the time Christmas came and went. Did eventually use up the consumables but haven't purchased more. Is that a sign? 

    3. Reloading

    Something else I've toyed with the thought of for years but have done almost nothing with. I like the idea of reloading and making custom ammo for my guns. Quite a bit of investment in money and space.

    4. Music

    Like many kids I had the opportunity to learn how to play a few different instruments. Passable but never really good. Tried several but nothing really stuck. Haven't picked up any of them in years. Could that be the outlet?

    5. Lego

    I do really enjoy building with Lego. But usually I'm just following directions. Like putting a model together. Feels more like playing with toys than creating something new. Throw away the directions?

    6. Carving

    I have a small knife collection and am actively involved in a historical knife collecting society. I enjoy using fine blade. Don't think I have the eye of the sculptor or carver though.

    7. Knife Making

    This seems like an obvious choice but I have none of the tools or training in this area. Knowing a few master blade smiths, this doesn't feel like a good fit

    8. Flintknapping

    Never tried. Seems like a lot of fun. Not sure if I have the patience.

    9. Difference between a Creative and a Maker?

    Is there a difference? What is it? What do these two terms me to you?

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