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Collin Harness


AMA: (ask me anything): Collin Harness

Completely stealing this from James.

Ask me whatever you want. I love answering question and sharing my experience.

Hopefully, this helps me connect with other people and I get to help people in some small way.


    1. Who am I?

    Howdy, I am Collin.

    Black lab dad, project manager, husband... I'm sure some other things.

    2. Why should you listen to me?

    To get a different perspective.

    We all need sounding boards to determine if we are crazy or not.

    I just came back from Hawaii and there are a lot of different activities to do on the islands. I spoke with the hotel concierge for about an hour about all the different things that we could do. She really wanted me to do the helicopter ride because 'the views' are amazing. And you could see a lot of things quickly that most other people do not get to see.

    We stayed on the island of Maui, but the helicopter took you around Maui and then over the open ocean to the other island of Molokai.

    I was not sold.

    I wanted to see all those things, but there were some drawbacks.

    It was $400/person for 1hr.

    A little pricey for just one hour.

    So I asked about 10 different people what they would do.

    4 people said do it and 6 said don't.

    I listed to the crowd and did not do it.

    Then I turn on the local news later that evening.

    A helicopter crashed on the Big Island and the pilot was killed and the other 6 passengers were injured. Now, that was a different helicopter service, but it validated my decision not to go. With a slight chance of death for 1 hr of enjoyment, why take the risk?

    Ask questions.

    3. Grain of salt

    I will give you my unfiltered opinion.

    But I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.

    Take it as my point of view.

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