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Americans need to give up their lawns.

I am a person who loves nature, the outdoors, woods, the boonies, whatever you want to call it. I grew up in a small town, with a big yard, ( 3-4 acres) and miles of woods beyond. I appreciated then and need today that space. Conversely, I also believe that the way to save our open, wild spaces, is for denser human living on a smaller footprint. My yard today is not a refuge or connection to the greener things in life. It is a seasonal chore that takes time away from doing other things, or nothing at all. Nor am I able to grow much on it. An abundance of shade and a lack of skill have hampered me there. If more of our manicured lawns were allowed to return to their natural state we would create habitat, increase O2 production and CO2 capture, and perhaps even help every community become more self sustainable. Like a victory garden to save more wild lands. What are some ways we could convince Americans to give up their yards.

    1. Tax credits for residential agriculture

    2. Tax credits for habitat creation around your home

    3. Eliminate minimum building lot sizes, and drastically reduce set backs for structures from the property edge.

    4. Change the mental picture most of us have of the perfect house.

    5. Add aqua scaping, water features, fire pits, pools.

    Any of these things are better than empty grass that is rarely used.

    6. Relax zoning and other ordinances so people have more options as to what they can actually do with the land they own.

    7. Permaculture

    8. Outlaw landscaping businesses for residential customers.

    Not a serious thought but imagine if everyone had to do their own lawn maintenance and not contract it out.

    9. Ban powered lawn maintenance equipment

    Manual push mowers only. Hand clippers only.

    10. Tax "green space" more strictly than "developed" space

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