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An Idea List of Idea Lists

I think the first list I made when I joined @NotePD was a list of lists I wanted to create. I had the inspiration to do this again, so I'll be branching off some of these ideas in the days to come. Maybe I'll turn some into challenges, but feel free to branch from any that grab you.

    1. My Symbols/Icons

    If you had to make a coat of arms or logo, what kinds of symbols or icons could represent you/

    2. Rooms in Your Mental Palace

    I heard about 'Mind Palaces' as a means to commit things to memory, known as Method of Loci, but I use it more to keep a gallery of 'happy places' I can imagine myself in when I'm trying to go to sleep. If money, time, space or the laws of physics played no role, what rooms would your 'Mind Palace' contain?

    3. My Special Skills

    Call on your inner Liam Neeson from Taken. What can you do that others can't?

    4. Kinds of Ideas

    Think of all the idea lists you've seen or made yourself. Not all of them are inventions or new business ideas. What is an idea, really? How many different taxonomies of ideas can we come up with?

    5. What I Love About Myself (Part 2)

    This question was already a challenge, but after the first 10, I think I could come up with 10 more if I put my mind to it.

    6. Sci-Fi / Genre Shows from the '80s

    The '80s were bonkers. I'm going to list some of the shows with the craziest premises.

    7. Mental Techniques

    Cognitive psychology and the learning techniques of great thinkers are becoming well-known and mainstream.

    8. Favourite Flavours

    Sometimes I'm looking at a menu and a single word will make me want to order that dish. These are those keywords.

    9. Problems with Modern Technology That Still Need Fixing

    Hopefully with something more constructive than this....


    10. Musical Genre Mashups I Want To See

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