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An Idiots thoughts about AI

    1. Use AI as a tool to defend me from manipulation of others it can raise red flags

    2. Use AI to defend me against AI. Will AI engines be able to identify Bots so I can tell if a person is teal

    3. AI will validate someone's identity. Instead there can be an AI engine that will verify if an individual is teal. Prevent Scams and other frauds

    4. Use AI to identify the pit falls of an activity and then provide the potential solution . This way it addresses fears , it names them but provides methods to overcome them

    5. As an idiot I should be using AI to enhance my life not outsource it. AI should be used for delegation not abdication.

    6. AI let it be a gratitude generator in my life . Providing the footnotes to my fears

    7. May be AI is an opportunity for technology to be the defender of the interests of the individual

    8. Use AI to gauge perspective and to identify my own biases , It could be used to find a path through overwhelming situations

    9. AI will be so adaptable it can be my plus minus equal it will identify the areas I can help others, the situations I need.to be challengied and those I need expert counsel in

    10. Whilst AI isn't Human I can become more human by using it I can explore my own consciousness

    11. Will directed rather than be a distraction enable me to be more curious and explorative

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