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And Again More Lists To Write

Have posted of the prior ones publicly, some privately, and some I passed on. Now need some more to do the same.

And Again More Lists To Write

    1. Ten Beliefs of "the other guy"

    What are the ten core beliefs of "the other guy/gal?" The one you don't like, think is "wrong" and get into Twitter or other "wars" with? Where are they coming from?

    2. Ten Places Your Child(ren) Would Like To Go

    Bonus points if you took (or went with) them.

    3. Ten Odd Things You Own

    For example, I have the letter I got after winning a GI Joe jeep in the "Capture Hill 79" sweepstakes in 1967, from Hassenfeld Brothers, Inc. - better known today as Hasbro. The jeep was lost in "battle" or maybe sold at a flea market in the '70's.

    4. Ten Most Used Apps

    Personal, work, leisure, or a mix.

    5. Ten Name Options for the new pet

    We're getting a new dog in a few weeks (ours passed in May - pic below). Not sure of breed (son wants a Malamute, wife prefers a Husky but would be ok with other larger breeds/mutts. I still miss our Derby and want to wait.), but we'll need a name.

    Our Derby... (she was a rescue from Kentucky)


    6. Ten Favorite Pictures

    Family, pets, you with great hair, whatever makes you smile when you see it. Picture in #5 is on my list - Easter dinner at the MIL's, 2022.

    7. Ten Favorite TV Shows

    Overall, from a period in life, from a decade, from a season...

    8. Kid's Shows You HATE

    What did the kid love, and you absolutely could not stand?

    9. Ten Places You Wouldn't Want To Go To (Again...)

    From personal experience, or other reasons, where will you avoid visiting?

    10. Ten Hobbies You've Had

    As a kid, as an adult... whether you're partaking now or not.

    11. Ten Odd / Interesting Trivial Stories From Your Life

    Like when our neighbor said, about 14 years ago, "did you know you have kittens behind your shed?"

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