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Anime everyone should watch before they die

What anime should everyone, even those who don't watch anime, watch before they die? 

    1. Welcome to the NHK

    This one might save your life. Seriously. This is a story of a depressed loser and his path of dealing with it and returning to normality. No magic. No crazy action. Just a realistic story of what a lot of depressed people go through. It gave me hope, to keep pushing forward. 

    Sato is a hikikamori, a loser who stays at home all day. Only leaving for essentials. One day a girl visit him and become he's still got a large ego he'll not admit to her that he is a loser. She knows better and tries to help him. The story is about their relationship, Satos growth and the wider group of people that are affected by his life. 

    This is my favourite anime I can't recommend it enough. 

    2. Trigun

    Someone that despite his best efforts is hated by most people. Despite so many wanting him dead he continues to risk his life saving others. Vash has $$60,000,000,000 on his head. Despite his best efforts he leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes.. 

    Trigun is full of phylosophy. Each episode ends with Vashes review and a meditation on how he thinks. These frames will make you view situations better. 

    You watch trigun for the characters. 

    They're remaking Trigun :O This has got me excited. 

    3. Gurren Laggan

    I show that will convince you that you have the energy inside you to do anything. Just listen to this soundtrack and tell me 'I can't', impossible. This song gives you a taste of the energy this anime will fill you with. 

    Song -

    Convinced? Of course you are. So just what is Gurren Laggan? It's an anime on how to be a man disguised as a mech anime. Sure it's got robots fighting every episode, but it's the character development that has you hooked.

    4. Golden Boy

    It's a toss up between this and Shin Chan for funniest anime. 6 episodes, each filled with jokes. Very much a teenage boys anime, silly jokes, over sexualixed women and a main character that despite being useless always seems to come out winning.

    Why do I recommend seeing this before you die? Because life's to short not to laugh at life. Get a few friends round, crack open drinks and laugh away. Those where some of the happiest memories I had. 

    5. Shin chan

    It's hilarious. There's a kids dub and an adult dub. I highly recommend the adult dub. It's extra funny seeing it from what looks like an innocent kids show. 

    6. Death Note

    What would you do if you had the power to kill anyone on earth, now? This power is granted to Light and he uses it to create a new world without evil people. But, he's still technically a mass murderer and as a result the world's best detective is on the case to track him down. The greatest cat and mouse story ever. Each episode you'll be at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. 

    7. The Boondocks

    Is it anime? It looks like anime, but that's about as far as it goes. It's about a black family and their day to day life. I mention black, because that's the one theme that's constantly mentioned throughout the show. It's a comedy it doesn't take anything too seriously. Highly recommend, especially if you're a dave Chappele fan. It's like the anime version of one of his stand up sets. 

    8. Avitar :The last airbender

    A combo of everything I love. Great characters. Humour. Phylosophy. And a story that will have you hooked (at least come series two). 

    9. Gantz Abridged

    The manga was insane. Sadly the anime ended just as things where kicking off in the manga, as a result I recommend the abridged series. Shorter, full of laughs and you still get the main story. 

    I just really enjoyed the humour from this. The concept of gantz is also awesome, sadly as great as the manga was the last ark wrecked it for me. Useless. 

    Still watch this and I'm sure you'll want to see more. 

    10. Digimon The Puberty Saga

    The greatest abridged series of all time. Sad that it was so short and the guys never did anything since. 

    1 -

    2 -

    3 -

    4 -

    5B -

    It looks like the original channel was taken down :(. If you're able to find the rest please share. 

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