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    1. Crazy Apple Sauce Flavors

    While it can be hard to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies in a day, applesauce is a great go-to. Create a line of apple sauce flavors that would pair well.

    - Mango-flavored apple sauce

    - Cereal-flavored apple sauce (eg. apple smacks but w/o the sugar)

    2. Apple Sauce Die

    To make apple sauce fun. Make the throw-away pouches clear and without opening you 'pop' the die packet in the cap and squish and squeeze the applesauce until it changes colors.

    3. Make your own apples

    Sell grafting kits at home improvement stores. Were you can graft a granny smith branch onto a fuji apple tree. (Though I'm uncertain of the time frame it takes for apple trees to produce fruit.)

    4. Make Your Own Apples: Grafting

    Create a how-to graft and make your own fruit book. If it sells well, create a series.

    5. Apples on Social

    Create an Apple social media empire.

    6. Eat an Apple Give an Apple

    Find apple growers and create a program that gives apples to food drought areas (or at least to start selling there). Could also create a program that every apple sold gives an apple to families/kids in need.

    7. Bad Apple

    Make hot prints of bad apple everything. T-shirts, shorts, onesies.

    8. Partner With Apple

    Create gift baskets of apples shipped with every Apple product as part of a donation.

    9. Apple Schemes

    Create a catalog of different apple skins, and make an online collection of all the skins for backgrounds, color schemes, etc.

    10. Applebloc Supply Chain

    Create a company/software that helps streamline apple tracking using blockchain.

    - Sell the software to all produce companies

    - Sell the data collected to produce companies

    - Create an Apple Coin in conjunction.

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