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Apps I could make

Or maybe learn to make is a better title. Simple apps that I could sell.

    1. Daily Advice

    365 bits of advice on how to live a happier life. I've already got content made for my Instagram.

    Maybe it doesn't need to be so much info. I could make an app with just my videos or comics. I've got a lot of content, sharing it in an app would be an easy way to reuse it and make more cash.

    2. Easy! English

    I could make my language learning course into an app.

    Read the comic. You could click speach bubbles to hear me reading them (or maybe an AI?). You could then share your own task videos with other users of the app. (this feature sounds complicated, I might leave this out till I learn more).

    Once the basic structure is set up I can change the language and make multiple versions of the same app.

    3. Simple game

    The most popular games are always simple. People are bored so they open an app and want something quick to do without much thought.

    A game that shows arrow pictures, you have to swipe in that direction before times up.

    As you progress the arrows can change color, implying that you have to swipe in the opposite direction.

    Add a beat track and you can swipe in time to the music.

    4. Rate me

    Like tinder, but with number ratings. You see a photo and you rate it out of ten. Users then get an average for their photos.

    This allows people to pick the best photos for their dating apps.

    You could also rate chat up lines /bios.

    5. Imdb for games

    You can make a list of all your favourite games.

    To start with I'd need to create a database. Games, console, genre, release date ect. Maybe users can key in these details whilst the write their list. Maybe there's already a database.

    I have lots of games I love, but when I need to remember, it's hard. This would make remembering a lot easier.

    6. Book notes

    Users can share notes from the same book. AI can then work to compile a list of all the takeaways from the book. Saves you reading some books and serves as a reminder for books you have read.

    7. Jokes

    An app full of public domain jokes. Comedians can share/sell their jokes.

    8. Character creator

    Swipe through different body parts /clothing to create your own character.

    I thought of a similar one that would allow you to create your own NFT. This would have an added feature that allows you to draw on it yourself to help make it more unique.

    9. Hide and seek

    User hides other uses get their GPS data and have to track them down.

    User hiding can also take photos of their surroundings.

    If it's too easy GPS data and photo can be shared every 10 minutes and hiding player can move location after 10minutes.

    I played this using messenger. Really fun game and allowed us all to see more of the city.

    10. Find the wee man

    User hide a toy in the building. They then take a close shot, mid shot and far shot of the toy. Other users see a new photo ever minute. The object of the game is to find the toy before anyone else does.

    Another game I did using messenger when the boss was away. Great fun.

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