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Steve Alvest


Are There Things You Wished You Liked But You Don’t?


    1. Massages

    I really wish I could have a couples massage with my wife. But massages are like torture to me. I really don't see how anyone could enjoy it.

    2. Dancing

    I just can't get into it. I know it's all psychological. If I try dancing, I feel the eyes of judgement everywhere.

    3. Parties

    I'm an introvert through and through. I enjoy good conversation, but generally don't enjoy parties. They're draining.

    4. Running

    I do run for health, but I can't say I "like" it. I definitely don't do it for "fun."

    5. Water parks

    I just don't like getting wet

    6. Eating in the car

    I can't get over the idea that I might make a mess and it would be difficult to clean up.

    7. Driving

    I drive, and I think I'm a good driver (like 70% of adults), but I don't enjoy it like many people do.

    8. Being pampered

    What's wrong with me? I really hate being pampered. If I were a Roman emperor, I would strictly forbid anyone from fanning me with palms or shoving any grapes into my mouth.

    9. Classic rock

    When I was in college, the cool kids listened to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. I tried to like it. I even illegally downloaded some of it. But for whatever reason, I never grew to like any of it.

    10. Horror movies

    I can see why people like watching horror movies. I'm a fan of Stephen King. I watched some classic horror movies like the original Japanese version of The Ring (which still creeps me out). But again, I don't enjoy any of it. I really wish I did.

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