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Are There Things You Wished You Liked But You Don’t?

    1. Jazz

    Most of my friends love it, and I tried going with them to some concerts... but I just couldn't enjoy the music.

    2. Sourdough bread

    The one that has a hard shell and chewy inside.

    3. Electronic beats music

    I live in Berlin and it's the city for this kind of music, I wish I could go out dancing with it but I prefer something else.

    4. Stinky cheese

    5. Kids

    I know it's unpopular. I tried, and I do love my nieces and nephews, but I'd rather see them as young humans instead of a category of "kids". And just like with other humans, there are people I like and dislike.

    6. Camping

    The bugs, the outdoor toilets... it's the opposite of relaxing for me.

    7. Home improvements

    I love seeing a well organized home, but I'm just too practical for it. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

    8. Minimalist lifestyle

    I admire people who can live out of a capsule wardrobe, but I just love variety.

    9. Owning a car

    10. Regular 9-5 job

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