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Are those who can't find a job just useless scrounging scum?

Many people still believe that finding work is as simple as picking up the phone calling a company and then starting the next day. Below are a few reasons why it may be a lot harder than that.

    1. You're right

    First of let's agree that your right about some people. Many don't want to ever work, but getting angry at them isn't the right response. They deserve pity more than anything. Living off next to nothing, getting treated like scum week after week and the longer their out of work the scummier they become to everyone.

    Is £70 a week for 'doing nothing ' whilst still having to look for work and report that to someone who looks down on you and seeking any chance to take what little money you have away from you really worth it?

    Who dreams of a life like that?

    2. Minimum Wage

    The reason you can't find work is because you feel you deserve better. You need to start at the bottom like the rest of us.

    There isn't enough jobs for everyone anyway and now we're reducing the number of jobs down lower to only the simplest ones. So who gets these jobs the one's over qualified or the ones with no qualifications or experience?

    How do you get your first job when your competing with people far more skilled and knowledgeable than you?

    3. Education

    Well you educate yourself duh... But there's only a small pool of jobs for this skill set, so you apply for those minimum wage jobs again. But it wasn't just you that went down the education route, many did and as a result despite now getting interviews you still end up jobless.

    4. Location

    If there's no jobs where you are move!

    But how easy is it to find a house without a job?

    What if others have the same idea and despite doing the impossible and finding a house you still end up with interviews leading nowhere?

    5. But I found work easily

    I phoned a company and got a job therefore anyone who can't is obviously scum.

    Maybe noone else applied for that particular job. Maybe they liked you and you got lucky. Maybe a friend who worked there recommended you. Maybe at that time they where hiring far more than usual and were accepting everyone.

    But that doesn't prove that it's easy for everyone. It shows at that time and place it was easy for people like you.

    6. Applications

    Applying for work is hell in itself. First you need to find jobs you can easily travel too. Then you find ones that match your skill set then you apply. Some are as simple as sending a CV, but that's the ones everyone is applying too.

    Other jobs want you to upload a CV, rewrite your CV and then go through an hour's worth of questions only for the computer to send an automated response of 'were sorry but your not what we're looking for '. Great 2 hours wasted.

    Others want you to write a letter explaining why you want this minimum wage job that your clearly overqualified for without saying the only reason anyone would ever want that job, for money.

    7. Mental health

    £70 a week to live on.

    Treated like scum.

    Called lazy/scrounger off society

    Competing against those far more skilled/experienced.

    Educate yourself whilst still getting £70, treated like scum, called names and competing against those more skilled.

    Get lot's of interviews for jobs below your skillset, but landing no jobs.

    Going on Micky Mouse 'how to find a job ' course's were you write a new CV only for the next course to rip it to shreds and have you write a new one.

    And eventually you get lucky and find work, but your boss, a nephew of the owner, treats you like crap. He hasn't got a clue how to run the place, but you can't complain, because you've got a job. You can't quit because how will you make money? so your only option is to apply for new jobs whilst working.

    How would you feel during each step?

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