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Are we rational-thinking people or perhaps not? (2 min 21 sec)

I love diving into the definition of words, don't you?
The term "absurd" refers to something that is wildly illogical, unreasonable, or contrary to common sense. It describes situations, ideas, or actions that are nonsensical and senseless in the context of rational thinking person.

    1. A world of fragmented perception is absurd.

    What we are is spiritual and unified, and the perception of a fragmented and separate world is an illusion. Perceiving a divided and chaotic world is absurd because it contradicts the inherent unity and harmony that exists at a deeper level of reality. This truth challenges any rational thinking that upholds separation.

    2. Attacking or defending one's position is absurd.

    Engaging in attacks or defenses is absurd because it reinforces the illusion of separation and perpetuates conflict. A rational thinker aims for reconciliation and unity rather than perpetuating division.

    3. War and peace are absurd.

    Inner peace is the path to true happiness. War, both on a personal and global scale, is absurd because it the extreme consequence of ego-based thinking that prioritizes peace and harmony over conflict.

    4. Being a victim or victimizer is absurd.

    We must take 100% responsibility for our perceptions and experiences. Identifying as a victim or victimizer is absurd because it places blame on external circumstances and individuals, which perpetuates a disempowering cycle. As rational thinkers, we have the power to change our perceptions and release our roles of being victims and victimizers.

    5. The idea of pain and pleasure is absurd.

    The conventional understanding of pleasure and pain are both rooted in illusions. Pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain in the material world is absurd because it perpetuates attachment to the ego's desires. As rational thinkers, we can transcend these dualities and seek lasting inner peace beyond fleeting pleasures.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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