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Area for Biz / Side Gigs

Would it help the cause ("improving" and/or increasing usage) to have a dedicated area for posting links to our businesses / side gigs?

    1. The idea is to increase traffic

    By having a section that specifically highlights people's businesses, it would draw more traffic to the site. This would be good for the site and also for the side-giggers who would get more customers.

    2. How it would work

    People could post their business / side gig along with a link to their website. Then they can write up posts about why they are doing this, what they are offering, etc. And then other users can comment and ask questions.

    3. Benefits of posting your business on the site

    1) People will see you as an authority in your field (even if you are just starting out). So when people search for things related to your field, they will see your name and check out your website.

    2) If you offer something for sale, people who read about your business might want to buy from you.

    3) You build a community around yourself on the site which can lead to opportunities down the road (like writing articles for them or being interviewed by them).

    4. The downsides of posting your business here? None! (or some?)

    There's really no downside except if you don't like getting feedback on your ideas or products. I guess there's also a downside if you think this will decrease usage of the site because everyone is posting links to their businesses but I think it will have the opposite effect.

    5. What about conflict of interest?

    If someone is commenting on another person's business idea, does that constitute a conflict of interest? It seems like it could but I don't know how much of one it would be since everyone has an equal stake in improving this community and making it grow and prosper.

    6. What do YOU think? Would this help? Or hurt? OR not make any difference at all?

    I'm sure there are many benefits I'm missing or downsides I'm over-exagerrating so please let me know what you think!
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