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Areas for growth

Where can I become even better?

    1. Job

    I enjoy the free time, but I always feel a little shame when I have to say I stack shelves for a living.  I've started to say I run my own business, but that's not really kicking off so kinda feels like a lie, at least at the moment.

    I could do stand up for a little extra cash.  Would it be enough though?

    I could teach again.  Hopefully I can find somewhere that won't take forever to acquire a visa.

    I could advertise.  Maybe if I find the right market my online store will kick off.

    2. Home

    I'm too old to be living with my parents.  Time for me to get my own place again.  I really don't want a roommate, so that means finding a good job or working insane hours:/. 

    3. Scotland

    I don't see Scotland getting better any time soon.  In fact I can see it getting worse.  Do I really want to stick around for that?  Is there anything I can do to stop that?  Would the fight even be worth it?

    It's the same thing week after week.  I've become numb to it all.  I need more excitement in life.

    4. Nice Guy

    Am I too much of a nice guy?  I wouldn't say so, but who knows maybe I am.  I should learn to be a little more selfish and put myself first more often.

    5. Books

    I want to publish more books.  The lack of sales of the current ones doesn't do much for motivation, but maybe having more out there will increase sales of all of them.

    6. Work out

    I'm pretty happy with how I look, but a few gains wouldn't hurt.  The gym itself would help split up the weekly routine as well.

    7. Stories

    I'd like to finish my junkieman story and write even more daft stories.

    I'd love to make them into comics or films.

    8. Sell

    I want to get better at selling.  Myself as well as my product's.

    I'm getting better at this.  I'm very much over selling in a joke like manner at the moment, but that's still progress.  

    9. Guitar

    I've gotten the hang of ukulele.  Maybe it's time to learn another instrument.  A keyboard would be pretty cool as well.

    10. AI

    I'd like to learn how I can use AI even more for my own advantage.  Could I develop an app using it? 
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