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Ask Altucher (again)!

Here are the first things that come to mind when I hear of "Ask Altucher"--which to THIS DAY remains my favorite podcast ever. I still have all of the old episodes on my phone...

    1. What, if anything, has changed for the “Choose Yourself” concept? Gatekeepers are different? New habits or changes to the Daily Practice? Anything?

    2. If you hit the bottom again (I hope that doesn’t happen)—and had to start over, what would you do, exactly, step by step?

    3. What would you say to the people who are scared of the mysteries of life when they “Ask Altucher”?

    4. Do you believe in God? Why or why not? Use evidence and reasoning in your answer, please…

    5. You talk about how legacy won’t matter, how people today don’t even remember some Presidents of the US…so, do you care at all about your legacy? Why are you trying to build one yourself (or are you)?

    6. What was the happiest moment of your life? (As someone who loves you, I just want to share that with you)

    7. How would you go about building an audience from scratch?

    8. Do you still wear lab coats? I loved that.

    9. What does your schedule look like these days? Daily/weekly/monthly?

    10. Where does/did your wealth now come from? Business percentage vs “influencer” percentage? What do you recommend others do?

    11. If you don’t HAVE to work, why do you still do it?

    12. What are some habits and ideas that keep you and Robin so close as a couple? It seems you really enjoy each other’s company!

    13. What is best in life?


    14. What are some of your favorite Choose Yourself success stories?

    15. If you got to do life over again, what would you do differently?

    16. If and when you’re ready…if ever, what happened with your ex? Tucker said that story needs to come out. It seems you’re better than ever and it’s now a blessing for you…can you talk about what happened yet?

    17. What are the top pieces of advice that you give your children?

    18. What are your best ideas about writing a book these days? Published or self-published? Has the advice changed since you put out your guide to self-publishing?

    19. If you could make one request of those in your audience, what would it be?

    20. Do you realize that you’re loved by many? How has that been for you? Are you still insecure with that, or have you come around to accept that? *As a side note, I love you and always wish the best for someone who had a big impact on my life

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