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Attractive Tech Stocks Right Now

The market dropped 1,000 points. That does not happen ever day. Now is the perfect time to be buying tech stocks.

Greedy when others are fearful.

Do not just buy any tech stocks. High quality tech is on sale.

Be thoughtful.

    1. AMZN - Amazon

    Amazon is being dragged down by its investment into Rivian - EV trucks. e-Commerce looks to be slowing down. The supply chain is still disrupted. There are many macro challenges that Amazon is currently facing.

    But Amazon is aggressive with its logistics investments. AWS is still one of the best businesses around. And the Amazon management team is known for overcoming challenges.

    The dip in the current stock price is a chance to get into the stock at a cheaper price.

    The e-Commerce market is still growing and as the largest player in the space, Amazon has a lot of room to grow.

    2. NFLX - Netflix

    Netflix lost subs in this quarter crushing the stock price.

    At some point we knew this was going to happen. There are only so many humans on the planet. Once you reach capacity you will have to branch out. I'm surprised that management was not prepared for this.

    There is also heavy streaming competition that is only going to intensify. HBO, Disney, Amazon. They are all coming for Netflix.

    But all is not lost. Netflix has purchase video game businesses. And they are creating physical products and do not forget advertising. They have lots of different lanes they can create that will grow that profitability of the business beyond just subs.

    The future is bright for NFLX, just not right now.

    3. FB - Meta aka Facebook

    This investment is the most opaque right now. Meta has great products: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp.

    Apple's privacy changes hurt the business. Again, surprised that Zuck did not see that coming and prepare more for it.

    No one really knows what the Metaverse is going to look like, but it is coming and Zuck has decided that this is the future of FB. I think their management team is creative enough to solve these problems and bounce back.

    4. CRM - Salesforce

    Salesforce has consistently delivered on increased revenue.

    This stock has been taken out with the rest of tech industry. There is nothing wrong with the business.

    5. TDOC - Teladoc

    Online health is a growing field. Teladoc is the leader. They made huge headwinds during the pandemic, but now is the time that management will really have to execute their plans.

    Healthcare is always a lucrative industry in the United States. Teladoc makes doctor visits easier.

    There are plenty of different lines of business that Teladoc could explore and grow in the field of health. But there is also lots of competition.

    I think this business will be a long term winner.

    6. PYPL - PayPal

    The spin off of eBay.

    Online spending appears to be headed for a slow down. PayPal relies of payment volume.

    This stock has been beaten down, but it is a solid business that has proven it can grow.

    I think this business will be bigger in 10 years than it is today.

    7. SPOT - Spotify

    This business pretty much own audio.

    Music and podcasts. I am probably biased. I use this product everyday and think that it is really good. I would give up Netflix before I gave up Spotify.

    And if they can add audio books into the platform that would be even better and I would never leave.

    8. WDAY - Workday

    You may have never used Workday software, but a lot of businesses are using it. Employees need to receive their paychecks.

    They deliver human resources software. Their clients are large businesses. The software is sticky. People seem to like this software better than its competitors.

    I think this business will be bigger 10 years from now than it is today.

    9. ADBE - Adobe

    Adobe is in a class of its own.

    Photoshop reminds me of Excel a lot. It is not the easiest product to use, but everyone is using it. And it is powerful and has tons of features that are useful.

    Adobe is making all the right moves when it comes to creating a suite of products.

    Basically every creative needs a Creative Cloud subscription to create their online art. This business will be bigger in 10 years.

    10. SHOP - Shopify

    This stock I probably know the least about. The facilitate online shopping for many different business. It has really successful and is really profitable.

    But people are worried about Amazon taking their business. A real threat.

    But I think there will always be a need for an Amazon alternative for businesses and this is it. This business still has room improvement, but I think it will continue to grow and right now the stock is on sale.

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