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Awkward questions journalists never ask politicians

Awkward questions journalists never ask politicians

    1. When it comes to corruption, do you tend to be on the donor side or on the receiving side?

    2. How many donations did you receive before the last election?

    3. What did the donors get in return?

    4. Are you more pro or anti democracy?

    If "pro": Ask questions about decisions against the interests of the majority made by the politician

    5. We calculated that {insert number here} people died as a result of your {insert policy here} policy. What do you say to that?

    6. How much do you earn from your sideline activities?

    7. How many hours a week do spend on your sideline activities?

    8. What professional qualifications do you have for your ministerial post?

    Bonus round: Specific technical question

    9. How much do you earn per month?

    10. Do you think this sum is justified?

    11. For whose interests do you make politics?

    Bonus round: present the politician's voting behavior or regulations worked out by the politician that go against the interests of that group

    12. What values do you stand for?

    Bonus round: Submit transcripts of private chats that contradict these values

    13. With your heavy workload, do you still have time for a sex life?

    14. Which foreign country is currently our greatest friend?

    Bonus round: Imply that the politician received bribes from that country

    15. Is it true that you are already working towards a new positioning of your party after the time of {insert party leader here}?

    16. Professor {insert name of leading economist here} has calculated that {insert politician's pet project here} cannot be funded. What do you say to that?

    Bonus question: Do you want to finance it through a tax increase?

    17. How is your health at the moment?

    18. Do you agree with the views of the extremists in your party?

    Bonus round: Provide a long list of statements by these extremists

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