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Bad idea of the day: Fantasy Politics

There's Fantasy Sports. how about making a Fantasy Politics League.

Bad idea of the day: Fantasy Politics

    1. Make a website. Leagues can sign up with a minimum of 5 players

    2. The Draft

    Let's say there's a 100 politicians "of interest" The most newsworthy races, etc. Some races are closer than others. The 5+ members of your team take turns picking politicians.

    3. How would you get "points"

    If a candidate wins you get points, and the higher the percentage he/she wins by, the more points.

    4. But maybe I need to take into account the odds of the time of the draft

    For instance, Brian Mccarthy is 4-1 becoming speaker of the House. maybe the metric of success should be how well they do relative to the odds.

    The reason I don't know is I have no idea how Fantasy Football works so I'm just making it up.

    5. So why would you pick someone for your team?

    Well, let's say I pick Tim Ryan, running against JD Vance for Senate in Ohio. JD is the favorite. But let's say I do my research and there's some weird rumors floating around. Maybe that tells me that Tim Ryan has more chances than people think. So his odds will go up between now and the election. I might pick Tim instead of Ryan.

    6. Every week, members of your team go head-to-head

    The winner each week is the team whose odds improve the most across all of their candidates.

    7. Trades are allowed.

    8. For each week, you have to pick the 5 on your team that you want as your "starting lineup"

    So if 5 people in the league are picking from 100 candidates that's 20 per team. Pick your 5 that will be your team for that week.

    For instance, if Herschel Walker is on your team and he had a debate that week you might want to pick him if you think there's a chance he will exceed expectations.

    9. The money making opportunity: make a website to faciliate and track everything.

    10. The website should contain all the odds for each race. You can also potentially keep track of money being allocated for prizes.

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