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Bad jokes based on random subjects

I've not written any in e while.  Maybe I'll come up with more id I allow myself to be bad.

    1. Trans History

    'Tralalalal tehehe.' Said Steven as he pranced about in his dress and new pink wig. He was looking and feeling fab-you-lou ! Nowadays that's perfectly normal behaviour for a man, but the 90's were a different time and unfortunately for Steven, he was a prime target for bullies. They'd push him around and call him names 'Haw! State of you ya pure siss', but Steven was smart. He put all his energy into thinking of the perfect retaliation and in lightning speed, a mere 20 years later, the sparks in his mind connected and he hit back with. 'no. you're the cis. tehehe.'.

    There's something to the sias/Cis thing.  I'll work on it sure I can clean this up.

    2. Space

    What do you call a police box that can't travel throughout time and space? A re-tardis

    3. Christmas

    Little known Christmas fact.  Rodolfo didn't have a magical nose, he was just an alcoholic.

    4. Sleep

    This stunning lass invited me back to her's to 'sleep with her '.  I passed, I was just after sex 

    5. Food

    I recently stole and ate my neighbours huge cow, Daisy.  That was a big Ms.stake 

    6. Transport

    Sat on a subway for an hour, before releasing I was supposed to eat it.

    7. Final thoughts

    I guess it's helped move me back into the jokester frame of mind.  It's going to take a while before I'm back to my usual quality though.
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