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Bad Mindsets

Bad thinking leads to depression, more problems and unsuccessful life.  Below are a few that come to mind.

    1. Victim/oppressors

    This is the mindset that grows hatred and we've all seen where hatred leads.  And I know what you're thinking 'But Rocco you don't understand they caused it.  Justice must be served!'. They might have put the final staw onto the camel's back, but what about all the other straws?  We seem to be blind to them and as a result prevention is rarely made, implemented at the last step.

    For example school shooters.  If we ban guns they won't be able to shoot/if we had more guns they won't be able to shoot.  This is tackling the last straw, what about tackling what lead the shooter to that point?  Their mental health.  More specifically the victim/oppressors mindset (they always believe they're the real victim). Tackle that and you reduce a lot more shootings as well as other crimes that come as a result of hatred.

    Back to your initial response.  Justice does need to be served when an injustice is done.  It should be proportional to the actions, no more and no less.  That's why we have courts.  

    Stop seeing yourself as a victim.  Life's not fair it's on you to play with the card's you've been dealt not whine that others appear to have better card's.  

    2. Black and white thinking

    When talking about the future it's rarely that easy to predict, instead of certainties we should use persentages.  Trump will be the next president Vs Trump has a 70% change of being the next president.  One has no sway the other allows you to accounts for unknowns that will come up (and they always do). 

    Next time you're talking about the future use persentages and before long you'll start to see the world a lot clearer.  

    3. Fixed mindset

    I failed my exam, I'm an idiot.  Are you?  Or did you fail one exam?  We all fail, it doesn't define who we are.  He'll, the most successful people in history failed more time's than anyone.  They learnt from them and kept going, instead of letting that define who they where.

    View failures as experiments they teach you what not to do.  With every failure you get a little closer to a win.

    4. Illness

    Don't let your illness define who you are.  So many people talk about their illness as if that's all they are 'my anxiety is so bad now.  I can't even leave my house '. 'I can't I've got ____' I've got Epilepsy I've not let that stop me from doing anything.  I don't drive for safety reasons, but I use public transport all the time.  I've been off my tablet's for 6 years.  I can't imagine limiting my life because I'm epileptic.  I'm Rocco and I'll let nothing hold me back.

    Don't let your illness hold you back.

    5. Trust the experts

    Don't trust anyone blindly just because they're smart.  Question everything and come to your own conclusions.  You'll probably come to the same conclusion, but by questioning yourself you can be more sure that the answer is correct.

    6. Books

    Does anyone know any good books around this topic?  I'd love to learn how to think better.  Thanks.
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