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Baseball's Historical Figures

From Twitter: If you were teaching a class on the history of baseball and had to assign 10 players a student needed to learn about, who would be on that list?

Not favorites but historically significant.

    1. King Kelly

    Pre-1900 star.

    2. Rube Foster

    Founded the Negro Leagues

    3. Babe Ruth

    He was so far ahead of every other player in his day.

    4. Josh Gibson

    Legendary Negro League player.

    5. Ted Williams

    Great, great player, military hero in two wars.

    6. Jackie Robinson

    Really this one should be to learn about the first black player for each team.

    7. Roberto Clemente

    Great player, insightful man, great humanitarian.

    8. Curt Flood

    Essentially sacrificed his career so that free agency could happen.

    9. Pete Rose

    Notorious, so great and so flawed as a human being.

    10. Barry Bonds

    Also notorious, probably no better exemplification of the steroid era. Crazy thing is how great he was before the steroids. 3 MVP's in his 20's WAR of 66 before 30, 259 HR before 30, insane OPS+ numbers in his 20's.

    11. Bonus, non player would be Marvin Miller

    His role in creating free agency.

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