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Basic ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) & Instrumental ADLs (Those That Require More Complex Thinking Skills)

These terms are those you’ll have to deal with in the US when you age into Medicare & they start asking you a bunch of embarrassing questions - my reaction was “WTF????” followed by belly laughs

    1. This list is a sarcastic critique hopefully with a bit of humor in the mix & is NOT INTENDED to offend anyone

    Apparently the absolute MINUTE you age into Medicare eligibility the government starts planning for your demise

    2. Literally, I thought they were trick questions, since they seemed to apply to all those young people bitching & moaning about everything while safely ensconced in their parents’ basements

    3. I actually laughed out loud when doctor’s office called my spouse to ask these questions

    Sorry, not sorry. The look on his face was seriously funny, as in the classic SNL news skit “you ignorant slut” - can you still talk about that these days ???

    4. You have to answer & if you have a problem with one of these activities they … do what?

    Or the doctor won’t get all their money from Medicare …

    5. As far as I can tell, Medicare does nothing - it just goes in your Medicare file for some purpose

    Neither does the doctor - he just wants his reimbursement

    6. So here we go - you’ll see why I laughed - these could be asked of much younger people

    Are you ambulatory - can you walk & get around without assistance? Can you feed yourself? Can you dress yourself (in appropriate clothing?) Can you take care of your personal hygiene (brush your teeth, bathe, groom, etc.?) Can you go to the bathroom by yourself (control of bladder & bowels?) Can you get on & off the toilet by yourself (and clean yourself?) - some of you have been sitting in the basement at that keyboard for how long????

    7. So now you know why I laughed - these very same questions could be asked of many young people

    Oh no, I triggered someone somewhere - I don’t care - it says more about them than it does about me - Special Forces have lived in worse primitive destitute conditions, so bitch & moan & be triggered all you want - suck it up Buttercup!

    8. The instrumental ADLs are where a LOT of younger people drop the ball

    Transportation & shopping - managing finances - shopping & meal preparation - housekeeping & home maintenance- - managing communications with others - managing medications (well maybe they’re professional druggies)

    9. If you don’t do these things as a young person (including taking care of your health) you’re somehow not considered as “unable to perform” these ADLs???

    And the rest of us just have to put up with it? Get off your butt bozo!

    10. These things don’t just apply to older people - I know lots of young people who act like they’re aged !!!


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