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Collin Harness


Beaten Down Growth Stocks With The Most Long Term Potential

Stocks that have fallen in 2022 from their 2020 highs

    1. SHOP - Shopify

    eCommerce is still growing and SHOP is the clear front runner for this industry.

    2. DOCU - DocuSign

    No one is going back to paper. Clear frontrunner. Would be a good acquisition target.

    3. TDOC - Teladoc

    I think their competitive advantage is speed of care. You can quickly log on and quickly get help. Healthcare and tech are both growing sectors.

    4. TWLO - Twilio

    Sticky customer engagement tools. Love B2B software.

    5. FB - Meta Platforms

    I would not bet against Zuck. Wish they would go deeper into eCommerce, but lets see how this Metaverse plays out.

    6. HOOD - Robinhood

    Crypto is the future of this biz. Curious to see what else they have coming up. Would also be a good candidate for a buyout.

    7. HNST - The Honest Co

    So cheap right and their product line is expanding. This business could a huge business one day. Customers love their products.

    8. RH - Restoration Hardware

    They are doing things no other retailer is doing in a good way. They are just starting to expand internationally which will bring a lot more revenue.

    9. Team - Atlassian

    Proven management track record.

    10. NFLX - Netflix

    Just started into the gaming space. Have a proven track record of creating engaging TV and now they are connected to Shondaland. They also have room to expand internationally.

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