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Become a Gratitude Machine

    1. My friends/family

    Always their for me when I need them. They make life worth living. Things are made better when I share it with them.

    2. Irn bru

    I really missed it out in China. It's nice to be able to drink it whenever I want.

    3. Podcasts

    I love listening to podcasts and learning new things. It makes boring tasks more fun.

    4. Baths

    I didn't have a bath in China. Having one now is great. Nothing beats a nice warm bath after a long day of work.

    5. Books

    Similar to podcasts I'm able to learn so much just by reading. My mindset has changed drastically on the last few years thanks to reading.

    6. Notepd

    I love this website. I feel most other sites are boring, I love reading others lists and the comments I receive here are always nicer than on other parts of the net.

    7. My health

    I was never worried about covid. Being in good health allows me to not fear getting sick. Less stress about worrying also helps keep me healthy and happy.

    8. Lockdowns over

    I love being able to go to more than just the supermarket and my house. It's so nice being able to hang around others again.

    9. My bed

    I love sleeping.

    10. Humour

    I love to laugh. I'm grateful for all the comedy out there.

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