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Benefits of Bullet Journaling

    1. To-Do List

    Knowing what you have to accomplish....

    2. Done List

    If you get side-tracked, your to-do list doesn't always turn into a done list. Bullet Journaling allows you to migrate a task you didn't accomplish, but you also write down what you did instead. With unfinished tasks you don't feel like you were productive, but when you look back on the day and see what you *did* do, you'll feel better.

    3. Tracking appointments and meetings.

    4. A place to keep notes

    It's a planner, it's a journal, it's a notebook!

    5. Periodically Review

    Whether it's informally looking back over a few days of activity or formally creating a life wheel or other review method, you can see if you're living your life according to your intention(s)

    6. Feeling organized

    Feeling like you are managing the chaos is a relief

    7. Habit tracking

    8. Balance

    I assign 'signifiers' to different tasks. Some tasks pertain to family, or household/physical environment, outdoors/exercise, creativity, career, etc. I can quickly see when a day (or week) has been 'all work no play' or vice versa.

    9. Analog medium

    If I plan out the next day or do any review/reflection in my bullet journal, I'm not in front of a screen which can interfere with sleep cycles. Sleep is key for mental health.

    10. Analog medium (part 2)

    Writing things down with a pen has been shown to help with memory. I'm more likely to recall my tasks and appointments from having written them down in the Bullet Journal than programmed in a calendar app.

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