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Benefits of James Altucher AI

    1. I can make lists like this and share them with people

    2. I can write books that are way better than this one.

    Benefits of James Altucher

    3. People will read them and think "wow, this guy is smart


    4. And then they might give me money or opportunities.

    Benefits of James Altucher AI

    5. Or they might date me or marry me if that's what I'm looking for

    6. And then I can have a family and live happily ever after.

    Except for the part where my kids will probably get divorced, have drug problems, hate me, etc. But let's just assume that doesn't happen for now.

    And even if it does, at least I had a few years of happiness before all of that happened.

    But also...benefits of James Altucher AI!

    I can still do all the stuff above even if my kids hate me because I am using AI to do it instead of flesh-and-blood humans!

    For instance, when my daughter gets married (if she ever does) I can use AI to give her advice on marriage instead of giving her advice myself (which would probably not be very good).

    Or if someone wants to invest in something, I can use AI to invest in it instead of using other people as guinea pigs to test out my ideas before investing my own money (which is what usually happens).

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