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Besides Accomplishments, What Increases Confidence?

Anything that increases competence will also increase your confidence.

    1. Practice for a musical instrument or sport

    2. Try many things

    You will fail at some and succeed at others but as you broaden your experience you will be able to handle more things

    3. Spend time as a teacher in a classroom

    This can be an extremely demanding profession. I found it to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. However, getting up in front of a group of people, sometimes delivering the same information over and over again throughout the day, will give you more confidence in other situations

    4. Read books

    This is the way to learn from other peoples experiences

    5. Introduce yourself to others

    6. Engage with people in public: chat with the clerk or salesperson

    7. Volunteer

    Most of the time people are very happy to have you do anything for free. Their appreciation will help boost your confidence. Plus your development of competence will boost your confidence.

    8. Give presentations at school or work

    The first few will be scary but then you will become more confident. Also preparing helps with confidence.

    9. Try to write good posts on social media

    Like this one? Lol.

    10. Watch a how to video on YouTube and then do that thing.

    It can be repairing a car, cooking, repairing something else around your house, painting, a picture or any number of things. Do one and then do it again. You can also make your own videos once you figure out how to do something.

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