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Best Birds

    1. Bald Eagle

    This list was inspired by the Golden Eagle I saw yesterday. Among the birds I get to admire around here, there are Golden Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles. I put the latter at #1 because, well.... USA! USA!

    2. Red-Tailed Hawks

    See #1.

    3. Great Horned Owl

    I think I started admiring birds of prey through a Grade 4 science project on Owls. These were the biggest and baddest of the owls.

    4. Chickadee

    These are cute and often tame enough to feed by hand

    5. Mallard Ducks

    I like ducks but hate geese.

    6. Penguins

    Mated pairs raise their chicks together. They swim rather than fly.

    7. Puffins

    I like birds that can also swim, especially when they're capable of diving deep underwater. The puffins' colourful beaks are cute.

    8. Common Loon

    See #7 and it's a Canadian symbol. Their haunting mating calls can sound mournful or joyful.

    9. Turkey Vulture

    I love seeing their huge silhouettes in the sky.

    10. Crows

    These are common and can be noisy, but I prefer them to seagulls which are also always around. It can be fun to scare a flock of them (or actually, the flock is called a "murder of crows").

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