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Best episode of my favourite TV shows

If I had only one episode to convince someone to watch a show, what episode would I choose?

    1. King of the hill - Bobby Goes Nuts

    Bobby gets bullied, in front of his girlfriend as a result Hank takes him to the YMCA to learn self defence. Unknown to Hank, he signed up for woman's self defence. Bobby learns that kicking a man in between his legs will result in a win, every time.

    Hilarious episode. I laugh every time I watch this.

    2. The IT crowd - The Work Outing

    Roy needs the toilet, but theirs a toilet guy in the regular toilets. He can't pee with someone watching so he uses the disabled toilet instead. From there things just get worse and worse for him. Not only that this is the same episode as the gay musical, called gay. You'll be laughing throughout this episode.

    3. Father Ted - A song for Europe

    This was a hard choice as I think you could watch any episode of this show and be hooked. Father Ted and Dougal write a song for eurovision. I don't think a description can really do this justice, just watch it.

    4. Futurama - Luck of the fryirish

    Flashback episode about frys relationship with his brother. Really moving episode. Lots prefer the dog episode, but as a person who's never had a pet, but does have brothers this one hits harder.

    5. The Simpson - I love lisa

    Lisa gives a valintines card to Ralph, to cheer him up. They then end up dating and Lisa hates every minute of it. I love this because she only wants to do good, but as a result things just get worse.

    Again any episode of the Simpsons from earlier series could have made this list.

    6. The inbetweeners - Field Trip

    Really hard to pick just one episode but I'm picking this due to having so many memorable laughs. 'Fisty one you are', pedo teacher, punching a fish of your ever sad, stick this on and you'll be happier than you've ever been before.

    7. Curb your enthusiasm - meet the blacks

    Again you could watch any episode of this show, but I picked this due to the introduction of Leon. A family come to live with lary after their house is destroyed. Larry does his best, but regardless things keep getting worse for him.

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