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Best experiences of the past quarter

The past 12 weeks of 2023 were full of new experiences and ideas that made my days full and enjoyable. I've listed a few below...

Best experiences of the past quarter

    1. Listening to a lecture on Shuten Doji

    The Smithsonian Institution hosted a lecture on a Japanese myth/ folk tale https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuten-d%C5%8Dji. She talked about the tale while showing us scrolls with artwork depicting the story.

    2. A lecture on Botanical Gardens

    Another great one from the Smithsonian - a series of lectures on Botanical Gardens in Singapore, Norfolk and in England

    3. Joining the Hardcore Literature Book Club

    This bookclub on YouTube and Patreon has encouraged me to re-read Wuthering Heights and Shakespeare plays as well as started War & Peace. I feel as if the 12 weeks has been richer for the reading.

    4. Watching a Japanese TV show called Don't Call it Mystery

    This show touched me. The main character solved mysteries by being observant of people and their behavior. He really tried to empathize and understand people - and through those practices solved mysteries.

    5. Watching an anime called Fairies Album

    A story about a mystical spirit doctor, a dragon spirit and a wandering iterant Buddhist monk that told interesting, challenging stories about how humans and spirits hurt each other and how they could heal and help each other. Worth the watch.

    6. Started using 4thewords writing platform.

    This has galvanized my writing practice and has encouraged me to write daily.

    7. I read many great books: Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung, How Am I Doing: 40 conversations I need to have with myself,

    Peaks & Valleys, Go for No - so many.

    8. I went to the Lizzadro Lapidary Museum

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