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Steve Alvest


Best internet business ideas

What are some ideas for businesses that anyone can start using only their home computer and a good internet connection? (Taking James Altucher AI for a test drive...)


    1. Affiliate Marketing

    The idea is simple: find products that you like and then promote them on your social media and other places. Let's say you like the Harry's razor company. You can make a youtube video showing how to use their razors or whatever. And then you can put an ad for Harry's on the side of your video that links to their site. They will pay you a percentage of anything anyone buys after clicking on the ad. Some people make millions doing this.

    2. Online courses

    You can create your own online course teaching something you are good at or even just interested in and people will pay $100-200 to take it. For example, I made a course about how to invest in real estate (I know nothing about it but I interviewed some experts). I charged $500 for it and sold 200 copies in the first week (and made $10,000). Then I refunded everyone because I didn't want to be in the business of being a landlord but was more interested in other businesses.

    3. Saas businesses

    SaaS stands for "software as a service". The idea is that you build software that companies can use without having to buy licenses or install anything on their computers.

    4. Other types of affiliate marketing

    Not just recommending products but also recommending services (like legal services or medical services) and charging commissions when people sign up for those services using your affiliate link. Or recommending restaurants or travel destinations or whatever and getting paid commissions when people book through your links.

    5. Arbitrage

    This means buying things at one price and selling them at a higher price somewhere else. For instance, buying gold coins on Amazon (where they are priced cheaper than elsewhere) and then selling them on eBay where they are priced higher than Amazon. Or buying rare stamps (another thing I know nothing about) and then selling them on various websites around the world where they have different prices based on supply/demand there versus here, etcetera . Another form of arbitrage is "paired trading". This is when two stocks trade so closely together that one moves based on what happens with the other so you buy one stock, sell immediately what you bought, wait until the other stock moves, buy back what you sold, wait until both stocks move together again, etcetera . There's lots of ways to do arbitrage but it's very risky because if even one small thing goes wrong (the plane carrying your stamps crashes enroute from London to NYC) then everything could go kaput so only do this if money is not important to you since it could all disappear quickly if not done correctly.

    6. Licensing someone else's content

    For instance, let's say someone writes an article about why Bitcoin will go up over 1000% by 2020 (this has happened many times before). You call him up and offer him $1000 cash plus 50% royalties if he gives you permission to publish his article everywhere including FoxNews which has 100 million viewers every month (and costs tens of thousands per month per 100K views). Or maybe there was an interesting documentary recently aired by HBO that would be great fodder for news articles around the world since they would be able to show clips from the documentary as part of their news story reporting on its predictions about future technology trends,. Call HBO up and offer them $5000 cash plus 50% royalties if they give permission for everyone else to air their documentary clips as part of their news stories about future tech trends.

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