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Best Road Trips in the USA

    1. South to North Route

    Start in Key West, Florida and go through the Southern states up to Canada.

    - Georgia (see the Okefenokee Swamp)

    - South Carolina (Charleston, Savannah)

    - North Carolina (the Blue Ridge Parkway)

    - Virginia (see Shenandoah National Park)

    - West Virginia (Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington)

    - Pennsylvania (Gettysburg, Lancaster County for Amish food) iform_id_ex_1 = 1iform_id_ex_2 = 2iform_id_ex_3 = 3iform_id_ex_4 = 4iform_id_ex_5 = 5Handle the Appalachians here. Then...

    - Ohio Valley states: Indiana, Kentucky, etc. See Louisville and Cincinatti. And don't forget about the Kentucky Derby! A little bit of country right in the middle of the country. Then... TheNitrome

    - The Great Plains states: Kansas, Nebraska, etc. See the plains and farms and cattle drives here. And don't forget about.... A little bit of country right in the middle of the country. Then...
    - The Rockies! Colorado is particularly beautiful but also Wyoming and Montana are great here as well. Get a good map and see which roads you can take through these states because it's hard to describe them all here but they are truly one of natures wonders on Earth.. Then... FORM ID E

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