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Best things about Covid

I don't mean to suggest that Covid in itself is a good thing. I hope we can eradicate it someday. But I've been hit with it for the second time, and since my natural bent is toward, "Oh, great. Of course this has to happen right now" and other negative thoughts, I try to consciously look for something positive. Some of these are Covid in general, and some are my particular experience of it this time.


    1. When I have to get up and do something even though I'm sick, lying back down feels soooooo good.

    I have long said the only thing that feels better than going to bed is going back to bed. This is the same thing.

    2. It makes me appreciate just simple breathing.

    I have not had serious difficulty breathing, but I've had enough to make me aware of how much worse it could have been, and to make me aware of how easy breathing is normally.

    3. I have several days I must take downtime.

    I have a tendency to just work all the time. I sometimes suspect my body makes me sick with something when I really, really need to take some downtime. Related note to self: take some downtime before you get sick. Maybe you won't have to get sick then.

    4. I'm grateful I haven't lost my sense of taste.

    I never lost it in my first bout last year or this time. While I don't feel like eating much (see #8), when I do eat it tastes almost as good as lying down does. Right now, I'm drinking what very well may be the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

    5. Spending time with my wife.

    This is not general advice. I know that, ideally, I should isolate. But the way our house is laid out, there is no place else for me to go. I would have had to check into a motel or something. My wife figures a) she had already been exposed, and b) last time around she didn't get it. So I never left the bedroom yesterday. Today I'm up and around, but I will probably go back to bed soon. I never get to spend enough time with her, and while it would be better to consciously spend quality time (which I am planning to do anyway), it is nice to get some quiet, nonstructured time together.

    6. For whatever reason, my hips haven't hurt as badly.

    Usually my hips wake me up after five or six hour because of arthritis pain. Yeah, I had that a little this morning, but night before last I never felt any.

    7. We were able to keep our daughter's nursing.

    We have a severely disabled daughter who requires 24/7 nursing care. Fortunately, the nursing agency's protocols have changed so that they can keep sending nurses (who wear full PPE for the duration). Under earlier guidelines, they would have stopped sending nurses, meaning though deathly ill I would have to take care of our daughter anyway, risking both our health.

    8. My blood sugar has been lower.

    Probably because I haven't been eating much, but my blood sugar is measurably lower. Usually when I'm sick it will go higher because of the stress.

    9. Nobody expects me to do much.

    Because people know I have Covid, demands on me have temporarily let up. Yay!

    10. I'd say the vaccines are working.

    Both times I've had Covid, the symptoms have been relatively mild. Not easy, mind you. I have felt like crap. But it's warm crap instead of cold, dried-up crap. I have never been in danger. And though symptoms didn't start until Monday morning (and got worse on Tuesday), overnight they got better, and I feel a lot better today. I'd say those vaccines are working as planned.

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